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Angel One Account opening


Your tendency to succeed in the stock market is more or less associated with the quality of your stockbroker. Since stockbrokers are one of the vital intermediaries between you and other investors and traders in the stock market.

So, when you finally wish to open a Demat account, your head might get filled up with several questions and insecurities regarding your stockbroker.

Furthermore, it isn’t too comfy for an individual to inspect various brokers on a practical level to pick the one that suits his / her requirements.

So, for the best interests of all the stock market enthusiasts in India, A has introduced “STALK-Brokers” - Broker reviews series to serve investors and traders with the most honest and practical reviews of all the stockbrokers in the game.

Getting onboard with a stockbroker is a journey in itself. This broker review series aims to illustrate each aspect of the onboarding journey with a broker, from the first step of account opening to the final step of the demat account closure.

Angel One App Review

In this episode of the Stalk-Brokers series, we will enlighten you with the practical experience of our team member with Angel One stockbroker. You will see Angel One app review as well as Angel Spark app review

angel one account opening

So the first step, which is where people search for a broker and register your number then expect a call back. Our team did the same with Angel One and apparently we received a call back within a few hours.

Later in our team has demonstrated the Angel One demat account opening process for those who do not know how to open a demat account in Angel one.

Angel One Demat Account opening

Angel one demat account opening process was quick, easy and convenient even for stock market for beginners.

Afterwards as we entered the app and explored it, the UI and interface seemed user friendly, the angel one app is also fast. 

Then we did a thorough app review by testing all the features and exploring all the information that the angel one app provides you.

Angel Spark App Review

This stockbroker offers two different trading platforms: Angel one & Angel Spark

Angel One was more investment oriented and less trading oriented. Also, the app look and feel seemed quite old.

Angel spark app review unveiled that it consists of a more intuitive interface and more information both fundamental and technical. Also the option chain has more features for better analysation.

Moving ahead, we also traded on the app to figure how quick is the order placement, for which we were required to add funds. But here something unexpected happened. There was trouble in adding funds. However, it was resolved by the customer service team within 24 hours

Later on, our team members experienced the customer service of Angel one more intensely, and the experience was not bad. The Angel on customer service team is readily available and cooperative.

We even checked the Angel one offline presence, and that experience was also positive.

At last the Angel one account closing process was also easy and quick as one of our team members did by calling the customer service through the Angel one app.

So as a conclusion, the overall experience with Angel One was not bad. The app is good, order placement is quick and the customer support is also decent.

Disclaimer : We do not intend to harm the business, reputation and client base of any broker as well as their team. The only purpose of making these post is to provide investors and traders with a clear image of certain things and facts.

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