Harshad Mehta 5 bitter truths | Reality Behind 1992 Scam


Harshad Mehta 5 bitter truths


Harshad Mehta, a name synonymous with the stock market as well as the famous Harshad Mehta of 1992. 

harshad mehta real story

But despite there being a plethora of web content on harshad mehta story like scam 1992 series and The Big Bull a harshad mehta full story starring Abhishek Bachhan, the real character of Harshad Mehta possibly due to few Harshad mehta interview, remains largely unexplored. But in this post, we attempt to bring to light those facts which were unknown about Harshad Mehta to this date.

Harshad Mehta 5 bitter truths

Truth #1 Harshad Mehta’s wife calls Sucheta Dalal a superwoman?

This might sound weird, but Jyoti Mehta, Harshad Mehta’s wife, called Sucheta Dalal a Superwoman on her website. 

harshad mehta with sucheta dalal

Jyoti sarcastically commented that on one random day, Sucheta received a Tip, On the same day, she wove an imaginary story behind it and the next day, Sucheta’s imaginary story was the headline of a national newspaper.

Something only a superwoman can do right?

harshad mehta narasimha rao

Truth #2 PV Narsimha Rao, The PM and Harshad Mehta’s peculiar connection.

The connection of Harshad Mehta and politicians is nothing new, But apparently Harshad gave the then PM one crore rupees to get the cops off his back. He even hired a famous lawyer and PV Narsimha Rao never denied meeting Harshad.

Ketan Parekh and Harshad Mehta

Truth #3 Ketan Parekh and Harshad Mehta: Two peas in a pod

Ketan Parekh is another famous name when it comes to the stock market but did you know he learnt his craft under Harshad Mehta. 

Ketan Pareh was actually an intern in Harshad Mehta’s Growmore securities and acquired his knowledge there.

mysterious Swamiji and Harshad Mehta

Truth #4 The mysterious Swamiji and Harshad Mehta

The mysterious Swamiji that is shown in the series is actually a man named Chandraswami who had quite a number of political connections and used them to make money.

He used Harshad to invest his money but later dumped him when he got into hot water.

harshad mehta highest taxpayer

Truth #5 The highest taxpayer and Tax defaulter.

Harshad Mehta is a name that one associates only with scams. But he was once the biggest tax payer in the whole nation. 

But according to some reports, this too was a facade and he was actually a tax defaulter and a huge one at that 

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