groww app is safe? | groww app customer care number


groww app is safe?


Groww is an investment platform that allows users to buy and sell mutual funds and other investment products

is groww app safe

Groww is a popular investment platform in India that allows users to buy and sell mutual funds and other investment products online. It is a licensed and regulated platform that follows all the necessary security measures to protect the financial and personal information of its users.

groww app is safe

In general, it is always a good idea to research and verify the security measures of any financial platform before using it. This includes checking if the platform is licensed and regulated by the appropriate authorities, and ensuring that it has secure processes in place for handling sensitive financial and personal information.

If you are considering using Groww or any other financial platform, it is also a good idea to read reviews and ask for recommendations from trusted sources before making a decision.

If you have a question or need assistance with the Groww app, you can contact their customer support team through the following methods:

groww app customer care number

Phone: You can call the Groww customer care number at 080-4717-6717 (Monday to Saturday, 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM).

In-app support: You can access the in-app support feature by going to the "Support" section in the app and selecting "Contact Us". This will allow you to send a message to the customer support team and get a response through the app.

Email: You can also send an email to with your question or issue.

groww app charges

In general, Groww charges a brokerage fee of up to 0.5% of the transaction value for mutual fund purchases and sales. This fee is typically lower for larger transactions and higher for smaller ones. Groww also charges a fee for other services such as account maintenance, fund transfers, and redemption of investments. It is important to note that these fees are subject to change, so it is always a good idea to check the latest fee structure on the Groww website or app before making a trade.

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