Moving Assistant: Perfect Job for Young People


Moving Assistant: Perfect Job for Young People


Today’s youth are looking for employment more and more every day. With the somber news about the economy, college, and paying student loans, every young person today is aware of what lies ahead for them in the job market.

Perfect Job for Young People

With that said, every youth also knows the perils of trying to find a job after college - even with a degree. That is why every young person is beginning to build their resume as early as possible. Youth today have to stand out in every way. Why not have them stand out with business experience on their resume, as well?

How to Get Started

* Research - One of the best ways to get started in a moving business is by doing a bit of research. Have your teen look in the local papers as well as the daily papers. On many occasions, moving companies will look for drivers. If your youth is too young to drive, he or she can still obtain the company information and see if they are hiring. Even if the moving companies are not hiring at the moment or your teen is still too young, it is never too early to network and make those important connections.

Moving Assistant

You will find that employers and business owners are very much in admiration of youth that are looking for work, and hard work at that. Many a recommendation can springboard from that.

* Pound the pavement – Another great way to get started is to present yourself to local businesses such as real estate agencies. Real estate agencies are a great connection as they are aware of clients that are ready to move. A local real estate agent will admire your teen’s desire for hard work, and be more than happy to recommend them based on their impression.

* Market yourselfAny good business knows the value of marketing. Have your youth market him or herself by leaving flyers or even magnets in local shops. A mailing to local businesses or neighbors might cost a little as far as start-up, but will get the word out. Having some inexpensive business cards made up will also help.

Have a Business Plan

Make sure to have a business plan that will include several points of the new endeavor such as:

* How much to charge

* What supplies are necessary

* Whether or not you will be using your own vehicle

* Insurance matters for liability

Once your child has a business plan in place and begins marketing themself, they will see that there will be a need for movers. Moreover, you will also find that individuals really do enjoy employing hardworking young individuals.

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