The impact AI will have on the world in the near future



The impact AI will have on the world in the near future

I see so many business owners who are in the crosshairs of innovation.

And instead of adapting or going into fight or flight, they stick their head in the sand and hope danger doesn't sink its teeth into them.

Whether it's AI/machine learning, robotics, or just industry advancement as a whole...

The world is changing whether you want to think it is or not...

But so many I see in the AI/tech advancement comment spew what they want to HEAR versus educated and experienced knowledge...

Their ego sets in and their internal fears manifest into what makes them feel better. 

Avoidance and trying to convince themselves (and others) that the train tracks they're tied to...

... and the train heading directly for them.

Somehow, isn't going to affect them. 

"AI isn't going affect writing or content creation!"

"Machine learning/robotics isn't going to affect assembly lines"

"Info-businesses will never be commoditized! 

"People LOVE human interaction!"

"People don't want to talk to a ROBOT!"

The list goes on and on.

The truth is...

People don't have a DAMN CLUE what they want/like until they have it. 

People LOVED writing letters until the telephone. Loved the rotary, until the wireless home phone, loved the wireless phone, until the cellphone, loved the cell until the smartphone, and so on.

Search online for videos of news anchors doing stories about the internet and email. 

The reviews in these clips were that the internet/email was "pointless, dumb, and people claimed, "If I want to talk to someone I'll go see them or call them up!" 

OR... "but writing letters is SO personal!"

The issue is, people hate and FEAR change until it's forced on them. 

Then the change becomes the norm, and they adapt. 

(Listen to the feedback every time a social media platform makes an update/change- it's typically always received negatively until the new norm arises)

People want the best, fastest, and most convenient offer but in most cases, won't go search for it, until they have no choice. 

That is what's happening with AI/Tech/Robotics over the next few years. 

Don't believe me? Go to the local grocery chain and see how many "U scans" are there versus human baggers. This is just a small taste of what's happening.

Soon, AI will be the "better way for consumers" and NOT just the "cheaper" way for big businesses to save money and scale. 

It won't be looked at as solely a greedy play to remove jobs, but as the best way to deliver the expected results to the clientele. 

That's where things will get interesting if you ask me... 

What happens when it's cheaper AND better to use tech/ai versus hiring humans? 

Do we as a world stunt our development as humans due to our infrastructure, need for money, and the necessity for " human jobs" in order to do what's best for the world?

Or does the world/government need to adapt and give humans a life of less "work" while delivering them liveable subsidies?

I'm not an economics expert (or have an AI that can act as an economics expert to answer this)

What I do know, based on research and my personal experience, is VERY soon, people will opt to talk to AI for support versus a human because the experience will be easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

And the experience will be so human-like, you may even have to ask if you're talking to/ typing with AI or a human.

Big businesses will love this because it'll be cheaper, more efficient, and lack human error.

Regardless of the scale, I don't feel there's any question we're about to see MAJOR economic changes over the next decade. 

In my opinion, this decade will be as influential (in good and definitely bad ways) as the internet was 20-30 years ago, and as life-altering (unsure of whether in a good or bad way) as the industrial revolution. 

Technology will be better at practically all human jobs. 

Saying this, to hopefully inject a sigh of relief and some optimism towards those that my post scares:

I do feel there will definitely be a higher-costing "sub-niche" of purists who will still want to interact, buy from, and hire humans at scale. 

"This was made by humans / we hire humans" will be as prominent and valuable to the sub-niche as "Made in the USA" is to southern farmers. 

But please don't get it twisted or have the blinders up to think you are irreplaceable, as in most cases, you likely are, and potentially the technology already exists to where you could be.

Don't take this as an insult but as an opportunity. 

Instead of playing pessimism towards technology, learn how to leverage it, use it, and be great at it. 

At the very least, I'll be wrong and you'll develop a skill that will still undoubtedly be of value to millions of business owners (or you can start a business yourself!)

And at the most, you no longer become the person tied to the tracks with the train heading your way...

You become the conductor. 


If you're one of those people who have said:

"I don't *think* AI will do X" 

Then 1. you're being biased using your own opinion as fact. 

And 2. you haven't researched the capability of what's coming. 

Whether you're a coach, a delivery person, an assembly line worker, a writer, an accountant, a doctor, a designer, a coder, an architect, and everything and anything in between, you need to know what's coming and what's possible. 

Just please do your research, look at your career and industry, and see what's possible or already in motion. 

Don't listen to me or my opinion. 

Or the counter opinions of those who claim AI and robotics will "never replace human interaction"...

Instead, do your own research.

At the end of the day, everything written above is just another opinion, and there's bias within it due to my research and experience. 

It'd be biased of me to tell you I'm right and others are wrong-

so I urge you to use this post, not as fact or fiction but as a kick in the rear to go and research and form your own guidance. 

And not to sit back and assume things will always be the same, because that's one fact I can share- it won't always be the same. 

Life and business are changing, like it or not.

The future is changing because of technology and it is coming regardless of whether it's the life-altering scale I assume (and would bet the house on) is around the corner

... or at a MINOR scale, those with an opposing view to mine feel.

Either way, it's an opportunity, and knowing about it will never hurt you, only help.

From there, you can choose how to respond.

Just use your brain and NOT bias/ego or the opinions of others to make your decision


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