how to get same day nav in mutual fund



how to get same day nav in mutual fund

What is the cutoff time for placing a Mutual Funds order to receive the same-day NAV ?

A mutual fund’s assets value changes every working day.

That is how it goes up over time (or down if it is a bad mutual fund). This change reflects in the NAV on every working day.

The cut-off time decides which day’s NAV you get. If you invest after the cut-off time on any given day, you’ll get the next day’s NAV. If invested before the cut-off time, then same day’s NAV.

This cut-off is different for different mutual funds. For most mutual funds, the cut off is 3 pm.

Many investors obsess about this.

The truth is, a difference of one day in getting the NAV doesn’t really make much difference in the long term.

Most investors should not worry too much about it.

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