3 Cs Strategy to increase Social Media Following



3 Cs Strategy to increase Social Media Following

🚀 Unlock Explosive Growth: Master the 3 Cs Strategy to Skyrocket Your Brand and Social Media Following

I've had the honor of building world-leading video channels and social media audiences for experts and leaders across various niches, from sports and fitness to business, spirituality, relationships, skills, and everything in between. 🏆

So, what's the secret?

It's simple - the Three Cs. They're unstoppable when done well and world-leading when executed exceptionally. These are the principles that have guided my businesses and social media agency for over a decade. 📈

Curious? Let's dive into each of the Three Cs:

1️⃣ Clarity

Clear messaging, focus, language, visuals, and delivery are essential. Transparency is key, as it builds trust and respect between the viewer and the company. By showing our imperfections, we demonstrate a commitment to improvement and excellence. 🌟

2️⃣ Congruency

Many brands and creators make the mistake of spreading their knowledge and skillset too wide. They become someone who knows a "little about a lot" but "a lot about little", so to speak. 

When competing against other social media accounts/videos/content from people who are experts on each specific core area, you best believe you need to show up consistently. 

Furthermore, maintaining congruency in content is crucial to create content that appeals to 100% of your subscribers. A well-aligned content strategy fosters a loyal audience. 🔗

A little game I came up with that can help visualize this:

Imagine that each subject matter you create content on will "collect" followers with different interests. Grab a bag of M&Ms, and a cup/bowl for each "content idea" or focus you may have... 

Assign a content type to color, and a different cup for focus of the content. 

Empty a bag of M&Ms through ideation, and see how many "cups/bowls" of content ideas you have, and how many M&Ms are in each cup. 

I'd then do two things. I'd get rid of the cups that aren't in the top 3 with M&M totals. 

I'd then ask the question "Will 100% of my subscribers for each "bowl" enjoy/want the other content?" 

If the answer is NO, I'd eliminate the cup that lacks audience congruency. 

ALWAYS try and create content that "100% of your subscribers would want to watch"... 

Is it always possible? No!

will 100% of your subs watch? Of course not.

But the CONGRUENCY is there. That's key.

3️⃣ Consistency

The key to success lies in consistent content creation that is clear and congruent. Consistency not only builds trust with the algorithm but also strengthens the bond with your audience, creating a "stickiness" that translates to more engagement and impressions. 🔄

Our data-driven approach, coupled with a commitment to working with true experts, ensures that the Three Cs are embedded in everything we do. It's not about fancy equipment or even incredible talent; 

It's all about strategy, hard work, and this undefeated system. 💪

I hope this helps!


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